Jim Green started out as a miscellaneous steel estimator and sales in 1972 and through the years became skilled in constructing most anything out of metal. He specialized in steel and aluminum fabrication and with a background in drafting. Teaching himself to program before microcomputers were around, he created ways to run metric/U.S. conversions for calculating slopes. These skills led him to design "Industarail," a unique anodized handrail system comprised of concealed welds. By 1982 he was providing architectural railing overseas before giving up that opportunity for another: micro-computer connectivity in a mini-computer world.

After almost 20 years out of the metal industry, in 2006 Jim served as marketing and sales director for several companies until opening a small metal fabrication shop for creation of new steel door designs. This continued until 2010 when he stopped fabricating and started writing books. Today, with over forty years of bumper to bumper experience in diverse industries, Jim continues to write while contracting his service to organizations requiring local/regional representation.

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